With today’s gas prices, it’s painful to spend your last dollars filling up. You’re tempted to put in $5 worth of gas and spend the rest of your money on something else. While there are several unproven theories about the benefits of a full tank of gas, there are definite advantages.

Having a full tank of gas means having to make fewer stops, which is a great thing in bad weather conditions. According to the Department of Military Affairs’ “Montana Winter Survival Guide,” it’s a good idea to always keep a full tank of gas. If need be, stop often and fill up, particularly if headed into unknown territory. You are less likely to become stranded with a full tank of gas. However, if you should become stuck in snow, mud or some other undesirable weather condition obstacle, a full tank of gas will all you to run the engine and the heater for longer intervals.

Winterizing Advantages
Driving in the wintertime means sometimes dealing with below-freezing temperatures. To keep your car in good shape during this season, proper care is a must. Along with having your brakes, battery and antifreeze checked, topping off your fluids, mounting winter tires and stocking the car with winter brushes, clothes and ice remover, keep plenty of gas in the tank. According to Carcare.org, the gas tank should always be kept — at the very minimum — half full. This decreases the chance of the gas lines freezing.

Anyone will tell you how inconvenient it is to have to constantly fill up. Imagine needing to stop off at a crowded station before work and wait in line for gas. Not only is this annoying, it may make you late. With a full tank, you will have to make fewer stops at the station, which seem to happen during the most inconvenient times. Consider filling up your tank in the beginning of the week and then again during mid-week.

In addition, keeping a full tank of gas will minimize condensation in the tank. Added moisture in the tank can cause rust from the inside out. If you are worried about the gas deteriorating, consider purchasing fuel stabilizer products. These products can be found in many hardware stores and online.

(courtesy of eHow)