Review by Steve Ledbetter, Hosick Motors Salesperson

Jeep is leading the auto industry in technology right now. The addition of the 3.0 Liter Turbo Diesel V6 is another indication that Jeep wants to make some noise with technology. After driving a new 2014 Grand Cherokee with the EcoDiesel I can tell you they are going to make a lot of noise,  just not the kind that you expect from a diesel.

Forget everything you know about diesels when you get into a new Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel. There is no smoke, none of the usually noise associated with diesels, and delivers power buttery smooth. When paired with the 8 speed automatic the shifts are almost imperceptible. This pairing in one of the most technologically connected vehicles is a joy to drive. Sitting in the comfortable Limited package leather interior and listening to the XM Satellite radio, I had to turn off the music and roll down the window to hear the EcoDiesel. Like I said, this is not your typical diesel.

One of the things I find amusing is pulling into a drive-thru behind a typical diesel. There is usually one of two things that happen. Either the driver and the person trying to take the order go through a brief back and forth where neither can really hear the other, and then the driver turns the diesel off, or the more experienced driver just turns it off when they stop. Either way, it’s a typical occurrence at restaurants, banks, pharmacies, and other businesses everywhere.

You get none of that with the EcoDiesel. There is a slight difference to the sound the engine emits. You can tell it’s a diesel if you listen close, but that’s about as far as the similarity goes. The level of noise is no more intrusive than any other modern V8 sitting in line with you. This thing is quiet!

I didn’t have to make any adjustments to feel the torque produced by the thrifty EcoDiesel. As soon as I turned onto the ramp for an interstate test, I pushed the throttle down. In a matter of moments I was at the speed limit and climbing. There is no doubt about the performance of this engine! It’s a blast to drive and you quickly get used to having more power available for passing, climbing grades, or just getting there a little faster. When you reach cruising speed it’s just as much fun to see the efficiency of the EcoDiesel. I enjoyed watching the digital miles-per-gallon readout float into the upper 20’s when I was driving on the interstate at average speeds.

I didn’t hook onto a trailer, but after driving the Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel and checking out the horsepower and torque ratings, it would be one of my first picks to hook onto my boat or camper for a family trip. Rated at 7200 pounds towing capacity, you can take a lot with you, and get there in comfort and style. This combination of class, style, performance, and efficiency really isn’t available anywhere else.

The bottom line is the EcoDiesel Grand Cherokee is well worth considering if you want the best combination of power, towing, fuel efficiency, ease of driving, and comfort. Call Hosick Motors today to schedule a time to drive one. You won’t regret it.