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Keep your gas gauge above the quarter mark

Keep your gas tank over ¼ full if possible. This will reduce condensation in the tank, which mixes water with fuel. Obviously, water in the gas is never good for your engine.

Other reasons:


Car Care Tip – Hazy Headlights

Great tip for your car headlights. Suggest using toothpaste that specifically removes plaque. You only need a bit of toothpaste, a soft sponge to apply and a soft rag to remove the toothpaste after application and plenty of elbow grease. Apply some car wax after removing all of the toothpaste. Amazing difference. (more…)

Six Quick Tips For Spring Car Cleaning

How to undo winter’s worst and ready your car, truck, or SUV for the summer months ahead…

Spring-cleaning isn’t just for homes. Now that winter has relinquished its grip and temperatures are warming, it is the perfect time to clean and prepare your vehicle for the summer months ahead. Here are some quick spring car cleaning tips from Saundra Massingille of the GM Service Learning Center.


Spring Car Care Tips

In today’s economy, taking care of your existing car makes really good sense. With Spring here, the Service Pros @ Hosick Motors want to offer some tips for the season.


Huge Road Hazard – Road Salt

Protecting Your Vehicle from Illinois Winters

While recent years have been somewhat mild, anyone who has lived in Illinois for awhile knows that winters can be rough, especially on your vehicle. (more…)

Reasons to Keep Your Gas Tank Full

With today’s gas prices, it’s painful to spend your last dollars filling up. You’re tempted to put in $5 worth of gas and spend the rest of your money on something else. While there are several unproven theories about the benefits of a full tank of gas, there are definite advantages.


Infographic: Driving with Germs

Between driving to work, running errands, taking road trips and taking the kids to travel soccer games, many Americans spend a lot of time in their cars. But, did you know that your car is likely home to bacteria, too? The following statistics may have you reaching for the cleaning products:

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