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Rearview Camera Standard on All 2015 Buick Models

Safety and technology top the lists of important considerations for Buick customers. That’s why every 2015 Buick model will come standard with a rearview camera.


Curbing Motion Sickness in the Buick Enclave

Take Your Child to Work Day yields real world benefits for Buick research team

You probably won’t recall the number of the road trips when one of your passengers didn’t get car sick while watching the rear DVD entertainment system, like the one in the Buick Enclave. Some credit for that goes to General Motors’ Human Factors group for properly placing the screen outside “the puke zone.”


2014 Buick Enclave: Cheapest Cars To Own

Buying a car is not a one-time payment. Too often, people don’t think about how much it costs to own a car over its lifetime. Between gas, depreciation, maintenance and other expenses, you’ll continue to sink money into your vehicle for a long time after you pay for it at the dealership. Say hello to the Buick Enclave!


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