James Sarchet

James Sarchet

Tips to help you recognize alignment issues with your vehicle:

Pulling to One Side
If you car tends to drift towards the center of the road or drifts toward the shoulder of the road, you could have a wheel alignment problem.     

Tire Wear
One of the most obvious symptoms of misalignment is tire wear.  This is easy to check yourself by simple visual inspection for uneven tread or by rubbing your hand on the tire, you should be able to feel an uneven surface.

Hosick Motors in Vandalia, Illinois is ready to aid you with any wheel alignment issues. With state of the art equipment and professionally trained personnel.

James Sarchet, Alignment Specialist, has dealt with wheel alignment issues for over twenty years, he welcomes your questions.

This video is supplied by Hunter Engineering and will help show you problems caused by misalignment of your wheels. Hunter supplies the equipment used for wheel aligning at Hosick Motors.