Never expected, never wanted, but accidents happen every day of the week!  If and when the time comes, the situation can be stressful and twist your thoughts, making you more likely to forget some important steps.  Here are a few things to keep in mind right after a car accident:

1. Make sure everyone is okay before you exchange contact and insurance information with the other motorist involved.

2. Report the incident to your insurance company, regardless of fault.

3. Snap some pictures.  Not only will this proof help when sorting things out with an insurance company, but it could serve as useful if there happens to be a dispute about the situation.  Taking notes is a good idea, too.

4. Be careful who you talk to.  If you are contacted by the other motorist’s insurance company, it is best to direct them to your insurance company instead of speaking for yourself.  Sensitive situations like car accidents are best left to professionals!

5. If there is a dispute with an insurance company, get an attorney.

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