Review by Brian Major, Hosick Motors salesperson

The All New 2014 Jeep Cherokee is here!!  I have had tons of questions and several people awaiting its arrival.  The new Cherokee is an all new vehicle from the ground up.  The Cherokee is made to compete with vehicles like the Toyota Rav 4, Chevy Equinox, GMC Terrain, Ford Escape and several other SUV’s.  I use the term SUV lightly because after test driving all of these vehicles the Cherokee is the one that stands out in mind as a true Mid-Size SUV.  

IFThe Cherokee has four different levels starting with the Front Wheel Drive Sport then the Latitude, the Limited, and finally the Trail Rated TrailHawk.  All the Cherokee’s are available in FWD or 4wd.  Prices vary from the very low 20,000 range to right at $30,000.00 on the TrailHawk.

The standard engine is a 2.4L TigerShark MultiAir 4 cylinder which gives you the get up and go you need and still delivers up to 31 MPG’s.  The optional 3.2L Pentastar V6 produces even more power (271Hp) at 29MPG and boast a hefty tow rating of 4500lbs. which is better then all of the competition.

With the TrailHawk Cherokee Jeep throws around words like approach angle, break over angle, departure angle, water fording depth, and ground clearance.  Words like that let you know it is a Jeep through and through.  The interior resembles the Cherokees big brother the Grand Cherokee and is refined yet rugged.  The Cherokee’s cabin is much quieter then the competition especially the Ford Escape.  I drove a fully loaded Ford Escape and then drove a Cherokee Sport which is the base vehicle and the ride and handling was much better in the Cherokee then the Escape.

So, if your out looking for a SUV that gets good MPG’s and you want it to get a great ride and superior handling you owe it to yourself to drive one of the new Jeep Cherokees.  The Cherokee boast a list of impressive Safety and Security Features like its new Adaptive Cruise Control which will actually stop and start your vehicle in downtown traffic.  The new Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist System is awesome.  The System actually parks the Jeep for you.  The Lanesense Lane Departure Warning System uses Radar to keep your vehicle between the lines.  When a driver starts to drift or veer into another lane or off the road the vehicle will actually give a small corrective tug to alert the driver and help bring the vehicle back to the center of the lane.  The Jeep has some 70 security and safety features and seems like it will almost drive itself.

Stop by today and take a drive in one of the new Jeep Cherokees and see what you think.