See our in stock 2014 Sierras!”

As you well know, truck brand loyalty is some of the strongest forms of loyalty out there.  Truck fanatics will argue to the death about whose truck is better.  It’s an argument as old as the brands themselves.  I won’t hold any punches back to say that I’ve always been a pretty big Ram truck fan.  So when I say that the unveiling of this completely redesigned GMC Sierra has me thinking my next truck might possibly be a GMC Sierra, that should speak volumes about how impressive this new truck is!  From the incredible brute strength the all-new and completely reconfigured 5.3L and 6.2L V8 engines are capable of, the unbelievably luxurious interiors and user-friendly technologies, all the way to the bold and aerodynamic new exterior fascia features helping achieve class leading fuel economies, this truck simply blows me away.  I’ve went from being critical of the GMC Sierra, to tipping my cap to them.  Awesome truck.