In today’s economy, taking care of your existing car makes really good sense. With Spring here, the Service Pros @ Hosick Motors want to offer some tips for the season.

• Road Safety
More important than making your go, is making your car stop. Make sure your brakes are in proper working order. Rain showers can bring slippery roads, drive below the speed limit to avoid accidents. Eyes on the road is especially important in nasty weather, leave the phone in the seat!  Also remember, this winter has left an unfair number of potholes, they can be dangerous to safe driving and do major harm to your vehicles suspension system.

• Tire care
Tires need extra care after the winter season. High temperatures increase the wear and tear of the tires, and will cause your vehicle to use excess fuel. Ensure your tire pressure is at the recommended level for each tire before driving. When changing your tires, confirm there are no defects to be safe. Checking your tires tread to be sure they function properly, is especially important with the new season.







• Windshield Wipers and Wiper Blades
Your wipers can be damaged by the snow and ice we have experienced during this past winter. This can be worse if they come in contact with salt and grime, and we all experienced that issue. We advise you to replace your wiper blades. Damaged wiper blades cannot wipe the water from your windshield causing poor visibility. Check to make sure your wipers work effectively and replace if needed.

Suppose your wiper blades are new but ineffective, wipe their edges with acetone to improve their functionality. Remember blades are supposed to be replaced at least once a year. It’s a major safety hazard to be caught in a heavy downpour with faulty wiper blades.

• Washing and Waxing Your Car
Grime and debris from the winter will damage your car’s exterior appearance. Thorough detailing of your car is recommended.

In order to prevent rust, clean all the accumulated salts and dirt from your wheels and rims.  After washing and drying,  waxing your car using a microfiber cloth is recommended.

These touch ups preserve your car’s appearance for a long time.

• Lights and Visibility
During spring rains, your vision may be impaired. You are expected to check that all the lights are working well before getting behind the wheel. Stop in and speak with one of the Service Pros at Hosick Motors if you’re unsure or have bulbs no longer working.

• Vehicle fluids
You should change and fill your car fluids at the beginning of the spring. Check that your car’s wiper fluid is filled for better functioning of the wiper blades. Most of this fluid is used up during the winter. An oil change is highly recommended at the beginning of every season!

If you need help with any of these tips, contact the Service pros @ Hosick Motors (618) 283-2424.