Hosick Motors is pleased to report that Ram Trucks will again be an official sponsor of the Kentucky Derby. While the fifth straight year of sponsorship pales somewhat in comparison to the 139 straight years the Derby has been run (this will be year 140), we are nonetheless proud of our participation. After all, even great traditions have to start somewhere. We hope that in time our presence at the Derby will become as customary as seersucker suits and the garland of roses. 

Hats Off to the Hat Parade

The Kentucky Derby is widely regarded as “the greatest two minutes in sports.” But even when the race is over, the spectacle continues. Credit for that goes, in part, to the distinctive and memorable hats worn by countless Derby-goers. At no other sporting event do spectator hats play such a prominent role in the overall experience.

“My Old Kentucky Home”

Anyone who has ever been to a live sporting event knows that the right song played at the right time can elevate the emotion to incredible heights. This is as true today as it was in the first half of last century, when Stephen Foster’s song “My Old Kentucky Home” became a part of Derby tradition. Though no one can say for sure what year the song was first played (some believe it was 1921), there is no doubting the emotional impact it still has when the horses step onto the track for the Kentucky Derby post parade.

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