As 2013 ends, we turn our attention to 2014 and the nearly 40,000 new laws written by state legislatures set to take effect in the United States this year.

From regulations involving “lemon pets” to increased speed limits and cell phone usage, 2014 looks like it will be an interesting year for new laws, several of which are poised to take effect Jan 1, 2014.

In 2014, Illinoisans soon will be able to press the gas pedal a bit harder on rural interstates, but they’ll have to put down their mobile phones when they do it.

Among a couple of hundred of new state laws going into effect today are two that will have a direct impact on what what you do when you are behind the wheel.

On rural, four-lane highways, Illinois Department of Transportation crews will be installing signs moving the top speed limit from 65 miles per hour to 70 mph.

Until the new signs are erected, however, Illinois State Police officials are recommending motorists continue driving at the posted speed limit. The estimated $200,000 sign replacement project is expected to take about two weeks.

While drivers may have to wait to legally travel at 70 mph, the state police say they will immediately begin cracking down on people using mobile phones while driving.

The new law banning all uses of mobile phones — even for just talking — is designed to eliminate distracted driving. The state already has banned texting while driving.

Also, a regulation banning minors from using indoor tanning booths. The new law makes Illinois the sixth state to ban people 18 and younger from indoor tanning sessions. The growing trend is part of an attempt to curb the risk of skin cancer.

Meanwhile, Illinois pet owners will soon be able to return “lemon pets” to sellers who fail to disclose the animal’s health issues. Further, the law will make it possible for the buyer to demand that the seller reimburse them for the cost of treating the ailing pet’s health issues.