Protecting Your Vehicle from Illinois Winters

While recent years have been somewhat mild, anyone who has lived in Illinois for awhile knows that winters can be rough, especially on your vehicle. When roads get covered with snow and ice, road salt is used to prevent dangerous conditions. While this road salt lowers the possibility of getting into an accident, it can take a big toll on the body and undercarriage of your vehicle. The end result can be rust developing if not treated properly.

Preventing Road Salt Damage

While preventing contact with the salt can be impossible if you drive. Providing your vehicle with basic maintenance can prevent serious damage from road salt by protecting the paint and undercarriage.

  • Thoroughly wash your vehicle including the undercarriage to remove any current buildup
  • Apply a coat of wax followed by a wax sealant for pain protection
  • Take your vehicle to the car wash as often as possible during the winter, especially during snow season.

These simple steps can help prevent any serious damage to the body or undercarriage of your vehicle. However, not all of us have the time or money to take their vehicle to a car wash as often as needed, which allows road salt and other chemicals to affect their vehicle’s paint and their vehicle’s undercarriage.

How Can I Fix Damages Caused by Road Salt?

If your vehicle has already been damaged by corrosion caused by road salt, Hosick Motors Body Shop can help. We specialize in auto body care and can have your vehicle looking like new. We are able to work on ANY brand vehicle. We also back all of our work by a full warranty.

Be sure to maintain your vehicle this winter to ensure minimal damage caused by road salt. For more information talk with Chad Wehrle our Body Shop Pro at Hosick Motors.