GMC has launched their 2015 Sierra Heavy duty truck line. We see our HD trucks as a “trusted” tool for our customers. Think about a really great tool – a chef’s knife, digital camera, notebook computer, etc. We develop bonds with our tools and depend on them to help us get the job done. Our line of HD trucks are no different. They make our customers’ jobs easier and give them the confidence to tackle the job.

The majority of our customers use these vehicles for towing, and for that reason, we refined the integration controls systems of the GMC

Sierra. This includes the cruise control, Auto Grade Braking Function, and with the diesel powered trucks, the diesel exhaust brake that uses the turbocharger to create back pressure in the engine and help slow the truck. These features are integrated in a way that makes it easier to tow – leaving more time and energy at the end of the day to spend time at home with the family.

At the end of the day, GMC HD trucks can get the job done, but we strive to make our GMC trucks more enjoyable to drive from the inside out. We build them to meet the needs of our customers – a unique tool to help get the job done easily.

The line of 2015 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty trucks will be at Hosick Motors starting the first quarter of next year.