And it’ll be coming soon to a police department near you.

Trying to outrun the police is never a smart idea, but some people still try nonetheless. They’re more than likely going to get caught, especially when there’s a Dodge Pursuit AWD chasing after them. Dodge has just announced that its Charger Pursuit AWD has clocked a lap time of 1:33.85 at Michigan’s Grattan Raceway, making the fastest AWD cop car on the market. The Police Vehicle Evaluation was handled by the Michigan State Police.


Powered by a 370 horsepower 5.7-liter V8 Hemi, the Charger Pursuit AWD came in just behind its RWD counterpart which had a lap time of 1:33.70. The Pursuit RWD also just happens to be the fastest rear-drive cop car today. The AWD system is also the most-advanced in its segment when it comes to all-weather performance and fuel efficiency.