Three simple tips to follow

During this Labor Day weekend, and throughout the year, Hosick Motors supports the special efforts of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, law enforcement agencies, state safety offices and others to reduce drunk driving.

Although there have been many positive strides over the last three decades in reducing alcohol-related traffic fatalities, it remains the cause of nearly one third of overall traffic deaths.

Drunk driving by the numbers:

  • $47 billion – the annual cost of crashes caused by drunk drivers
  • 10,000 – the number of people who died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes – one every 51 minutes
  • 300,000 – the times people drive drunk each day in the United States
  • 1 – the number of times driving drunk could change your life forever

Given these staggering statistics, I want to send a special reminder about safe driving practices as we head into this high-travel weekend:

  1. Plain and simple, if you know you’ll be drinking, have a non-drinking designated driver.
  2. The best way to prevent someone from driving drunk is to make a plan for a non-drinking designated driver.
  3. Always remember to buckle your seatbelt and have all of your passengers to do the same.

Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend and stay safe on and off the road.