The stats are in for the most popular vehicle colors sold by Hosick Motors for the calendar year 2012.  This report combines the results for both new and used vehicles sold. Black and white lead the color chart stats, while Red and Silver are neck and neck for third place. Check out the stats for North America below the local details.

  • Black  23%
  • White 18%
  • Red 16%
  • Silver 15%
  • Gray 9%
  • Blue 8%
  • Brown 5%
  • Maroon 2%
  • Orange 1%
  • Gold <1%
  • Green <1%

Below is an excerpt from the 2012 DuPont Color Popularity Report for all of North America (Click the image above to see the larger version of the Dupont statistics graph):

Top Three Remain the Same:  White/White Pearl, Black and Silver
North American vehicle color in 2012 was once again dominated by white/white pearl, with 24 percent market share, putting it in first place for the sixth consecutive year. It also led the compact/sport and truck/SUV segment.

Black/black effect was at the top of the intermediate/CUV segment and luxury/luxury SUV segment popularity ranks. It represented 19 percent of the overall market, maintaining second place in vehicle color popularity in North America. Compared to metallic versions, solid blacks are most favored in the truck segment. Metallic blacks brought interest to the market and have been widely used in all segments, especially in luxury/luxury SUV.

For the first time since 1998, silver did not lead in any of the North American vehicle segments, which may be attributed to the increased influence of black and white as status symbols for luxury and quality. However, silver held steady in third place overall with 16 percent market share.

Gray rose two percentage points this year with increases in the truck, luxury and intermediate vehicle segments. The top four preferences, white, black, silver, and gray, have represented the majority of popularity the last 10 years.

Red rounded out the top five color choices across each vehicle segment and consequently, overall in the region, with 10 percent of the market. Popularity rankings of red (10 percent), blue (7 percent), brown/beige (5 percent), yellow/gold (2 percent), and green (2 percent) show bright colors are widely noticed on the road but do not make up the majority of consumer preferences.

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