Automotive recalls are quite common; in 2012 alone there were 137 recalls in the United States. Recalls are sometimes required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and sometimes voluntarily announced by auto manufacturers to help avoid safety issues. When an issue is discovered, manufacturers are required by law to attempt to contact all vehicle owners and automobile dealers of the recall. Automobile dealers that sell and service the specific brand vehicle in question will make the repairs on any open recall at no cost to the owner.  Except for tire recalls, which are only available for six months, recalls are available for the lifetime of the vehicle—so it is never too late to cash in on your recall.

The repair process is overseen by the vehicle manufacturer who supplies any new parts needed to the auto dealer. Sometimes those replacement parts are slow to reach the dealer or spread out over a period of time. The manufacturer controls the release of the updated parts.

If you have a question about a recall on vehicle that Hosick Motors sells new, feel free to contact our service department for answers. You can also check your specific vehicle using online services like Carfax for free.