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December 2015

A 2016 Ram 3500 with a 1940 Dodge Pickup

Jeep® brand posts 68th straight month of sales gains

Fiat Chrysler on Tuesday “logged its best U.S. November sales in a decade-and-half” as the U.S. car industry shows little sign of slowing, the Financial Times reported. (more…)

OnStar Santa Update Returns

OnStar is keeping the Christmas spirit alive in General Motors vehicles all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe for the seventh consecutive year. Subscribers to the service will once again be able to press the blue button in their vehicle to receive a GPS location of Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve, referred to by OnStar as the “Santa Update.” (more…)

Keep your gas gauge above the quarter mark

Keep your gas tank over ¼ full if possible. This will reduce condensation in the tank, which mixes water with fuel. Obviously, water in the gas is never good for your engine.

Other reasons:


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