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September 2015

Chrysler Upgrades Pentastar V-6 For Fuel Efficiency

Chrysler Upgrades Pentastar V-6 For Fuel Efficiency; Lack Of Direct Injection A Hint Of Future EPA Rules?

Automotive engineers are very good at incremental improvements to existing technologies, and that skill will be much tested in meeting increasingly stiff fuel-economy rules between now and 2025. (more…)

Dodge Makes the 2016 Charger Pursuit Safer for Cops

In a push for safety, Dodge ditched cabin laptops

Computers and police cars have always been an awkward match; now Dodge has tried its hand at remedying the problems of modern patrol work with the 2016 Charger Pursuit. (more…)

Your car.. the black box.

Vehicles have become rolling data collectors. Fitted with telematics systems, which allow vehicles to communicate with the outside world, the family crossover now has the capacity to monitor our behavior as faithfully as any computer or electronic-surveillance instrument. And as with other modern threats to privacy, we arrived here out of a desire to improve safety. (more…)

Latest Batmobile

We’ve yet to see what Batman’s latest Batmobile is capable of, but we can see what it looks like moving under it’s own power as he faces off against Superman.

Complete article and video at autoblog.com.

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Top rude driver states announced

Call it brusque, boorish or downright barbaric. Whatever you call it, weaving in and out of traffic, laying on the horn and saluting with an upright digit is universally regarded as rude. (more…)

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