This year, Chrysler Group is hosting law enforcement agencies at public and private tracks across the U.S., and the star of the circuit has been the new 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit AWD.

Whether it’s the police chief, patrolman, sheriff’s deputy or fleet manager, they all want to test drive the police sedan that the Michigan State Police recorded their fastest-ever AWD lap time during their annual police vehicle evaluation tests.  

Chrysler Group’s government and fleet operations team hosted 50 law enforcement agencies at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida last week. It was the sixth stop on a tour that started in February and by the time it’s complete will take the team to more than 20 tracks across the country this year.

“To understand how capable the new Dodge Charger Pursuit AWD is at the limit, we’re touring around the country and providing law enforcement agencies a first-hand experience at some of America’s best raceways,” said Head of Government Sales & Operations Brad Davis. “Not only does this provide a testing opportunity, but these events continue to build our relationships with some of our largest municipalities who currently have Dodge Charger Pursuits in their fleets.”

There are 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United Sates, so they are in a constant state of vehicle evaluation, Davis said.

Based on driver feedback on braking, handling, and acceleration, the new Charger Pursuit AWD generates a real “wow factor” from those who test drive it at the track events, Davis said.

That emotional response is resulting in sales. Law enforcement agencies began ordering the new Charger Pursuit AWD earlier this year, and the first customer order was delivered in April. So far, the take rate on the Charger Pursuit AWD is nearly 20%. Davis expects that to climb higher as more agencies drive the new AWD model for the first time.

In addition to the Charger Pursuit AWD with 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8, law enforcement agencies also are driving the Charger Pursuit RWD with V-8 and V-6 engines, and the Ram 1500 and Dodge Durango Special Services vehicles.

The new Charger Pursuit AWD recorded the fastest lap time during Michigan State Police’s 2014 Vehicle Evaluation Test (1:33.85) last September. The fastest-ever AWD pursuit-rated sedan complements the all-time lap record held by the 2012 Dodge Charger Pursuit V-8 rear-wheel-drive model (1:33.70).